Friday, April 20, 2012

Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Love to Pack for Scrappetizer Weekend at Split Rock Resort

10 – You don't have to think about what to wear – Scrappetizer t-shirts are in style!
9 – If you forget a tool or favorite cricut cartridge someone else in the room will most likely be able to share and Scrappetizer provides a tool center with Cricut machines!
8 – Your table has 8 feet of storage underneath so you can bring those extra bags full of stuff you just “might” need
7 – You can get ice cream all day! (probably shouldn't pack ice cream in your bag anymore)
6 – You don't have to worry about bringing something to do if you need a break from scrappin' – there are so many other activities at Split Rock: bowling, swimming, movies, hiking, segway tours .. yippee!
5 – Snacks are provided! There is a giant snack bar with lots of snacks and beverages all day long
4 – You don't have to bring TV dinners because all of your meals are included at the Split Rock restaurants from Friday night through Sunday lunch.
3 – You won't need to make a last minute shopping run because the VENDORS have great stores set up in the crop room and they have everything....pretty much.
2 – The crop room is very close to the driveway so you don't have far to drag your bags

1 – You have an 8 foot table all to yourself for the whole weekend!!! Plenty of room for all your “stuff”     Sign up today at
Lots of fun at Scrappetizer Weekend Retreat in the Poconos

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